More About Us....

We have been running our B&B for several years here in Cambridge. We have enjoyed it very much and met many interesting people. Our guests are varied, some here on University business, others on holiday, or working on various projects. Guests come to us from many different parts of the world, and as well as English, we speak Portuguese and Spanish. Though oddly our Cat seems to understand pretty much any language. There are several restaurants and pubs conveniently close by, and a small supermarket with many of the essentials.


To make a booking please either email or telephone with your requirements. Our current rate is £65.00 per night for a single room and £78.00 per night for the double. This includes a continental breakfast. If booking ahead a deposit will be required. If cancelling with less than a weeks notice this is non refundable.

What is a B&B?

Some may not be familiar with the 'Bed and Breakfast'. The B&B provides a comfortable bedroom and breakfast in the morning, much like a hotel. Unlike a hotel a B&B is usually a house, a home. As such many of the facilities of a hotel cannot be provided, such as evening meals. What the B&B provides is a more personal experience, which is preferred by many.

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Everything was great. The room was clean and the bathrooom big and the front garden very beautiful. Breakfast was great.



Very friendly and welcoming. Very clean, excllent location. I stayed for two weeks and  everything was perfect. Even smudge the cat was lovely.



Everything was excellent, the owners were extramly nice. Just what I wanted.